Business Finance or Bank Loans.

If you require business finance, you need to visit your current or personal banker. With the new POPI act, we are not permitted to request your personal credit profile and share it to any third party. Your banker will do an assessment on your current personal profile, to see if you qualify for a Business Loan or Finance, before you set an appointment.

  1. You will require the amount of R 330 000, 00 (Excluding VAT) for the setup of the store.
  2. You can apply for finance or business loans at all major banks in South Africa.
  3. We can assist you with a Business Plan for a Bank Loan, after you signed our Franchise Agreement, and after Commitment Deposit of R 100,000.00 is reflecting in our business bank account.
  4. Majority of banks require at least 50% deposit for new or start-up businesses.
Business Loan
Business Loan or Finance